Gustav Zenlav was a male Mandalorian soldier, who lived several centuries prior to the Galactic Civil War. A renowned Mandalorian shocktrooper, Zenlav served as a general in the Mandalorian army for a time, and later contracted out his services as a mercenary. He became well known for his innovative weapon and armor designs,[1] including the powerful and deadly Wing-Blast rocket pack. However, Zenlav ultimately abandoned the rocket pack after realizing that his plans called for the use of an untested photonic beam, leaving the weapons platform unfinished for hundreds of years.[2]

Zenlav was also the man historically reputed to be responsible for the founding of the MandalMotors company,[1] a corporation famous for its vehicle designs. Headquartered in Keldabe, the capital city of Mandalore,[2] MandalMotors became a driving force in Mandalore's economy, developing an outstanding reputation as a starship manufacturer.[1] Zenlav's brainchild[2] remained in business on the Outer Rim world for centuries, producing advanced starship models well into 41 ABY.[3]

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The character of Gustav Zenlav was first introduced to the Star Wars universe in The History of the Mandalorians, an article written by Abel G. Peña, and published in January of 2005 as part of the eightieth issue of Star Wars Insider magazine.[2] Zenlav later received an informational entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, a 2008 reference book co-authored by Steve Sansweet, Pablo Hidalgo, Bob Vitas, Daniel Wallace, Chris Cassidy, Mary Franklin, and Josh Kushins. He was also mentioned in the Encyclopedia's entry for the MandalMotors company.[1]


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