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Gwarror was a male Wookiee who hunted Trandoshans during the Cold War as revenge for the Trandoshans' penchant for hunting Wookiees for sport. Gwarror would find Trandoshans who were weak from undergoing the shko-yagu ritual and kill them, and the Trandoshan Veneb Drassk gave Gwarror information on his rivals in order to eliminate them. Gwarror tried to take out the Trandoshan Qyzen Fess on Tatooine, using the younger Trandoshan Lek Svaal as bait. However, Fess was a traveling companion of the Jedi Master known as the Barsen'thor, and had undergone shko-yagu with Jedi medicine rather than the poisonous nakkis leaf, leaving him strong and healthy, so Gwarror died in battle with the duo.

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