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Gybellom Osa was a Sullustan trader with a coarse personality but a heart of gold.


During his travels he met up with Hyobu Sulloran, a Force-sensitive who was educating himself on how to be a space merchant. The two of them traveled far, making many profits and encountering things not usually seen by either Sullustan or Human eyes. However, while they on a routine cargo run, an Imperial Star Destroyer stopped them for an ordinary cargo inspection. Though the Imperials were very thorough in their searches, they found nothing incriminating. They were about to let the two leave when the officer performing the search received a message on his comlink. Without any explanation, the Imperials imprisoned Sulloran and left Osa on his ship. This was not so fortunate for Osa as one would believe, however, as the Star Destroyer soon ended his life by destroying the entire ship in a volley of blaster fire.