Gydio Lucone was a usurer without qualms.


During the Galactic Civil War, Lucone was approached by captain Elga Arbo, a pilot specialized in fast deliveries. Arbo had bought a modified Starfeld Industries Z-10 Seeker, the Redshift Runner, and wanted to borrow money from Lucone to improve the hyperdrive. Lucone agreed.

Lucone had purposefully signed strict conditions so that, should Arbo did not pay monthly, Lucone would then impound the ship. Lucone did hope this situation would happen, as it would give Lucone the chance to blackmail Arbo and make her smuggle for Lucone. However, Arbo systematically paid in time and at the same time ,she got a reputation as a legal pilot.

One day, Arbo wanted to pay three days after her deadline. Lucone attempted to claim the ship. Arbo refused and violence ensued. Arbo was seriously injured during the fight, but she and Maceb Joodsen eventually escaped on the Runner.

Enraged, Lucone then issued a 20,000-credit bounty for the ship and took measures so that it was a well-known fact. Three months later, the bounty had not been claimed.