"Here's what I propose: I give you the lightsaber, and you come work for me as my own personal Sith. That, or you pay me three million credits."
―Gyl Rosen to Kallig[src]

Gyl Rosen was a male Human who lived on Nar Shaddaa during the Cold War. He owned the Kallig's scorching lightsaber after Mila Escalus' father lost it in gambling, when Kallig arrived to reclaim it. Arrogantly believing he could control the Sith apprentice, Rosen demanded that Kallig work for him if they want the lightsaber or pay him three million credits. Kallig refused and electrocuted him with Force lightning. Enraged, Rosen yelled at his men to attack but they were too scared to fight a Sith. Kallig then killed them all for their defiance.

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