Gyylghrard's journal was a record of Gyylghrard's incarceration on the Kessel Correctional Facility. It was written with a stylus on several pieces of flimsi he received from his Sullustan friend in exchange for his protection.

It detailed the treatment of the slave miners at the hands of the officials, including Gyylghrard's interactions with Moruth Doole. It was also one of the few sources regarding the Life Day Massacre and his participation in it. The journal ends prior to his second inclusion to Dewt Kluskine's honor guard, where he decapitated the warden with a ceremonial poleaxe in revenge for ordering the massacre.

The journal was kept safe by a fellow prisoner after Gyylghrard's death. It recently came to light during General Lando Calrissian's failed attempt to reopen the mining operation.