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This article is about a planet. You may be looking for its homonymous native species.

H'nemthe was the homeworld of the H'nemthe species.

H'nemthe NEGAS

A H'nemthe Jedi.

H'nemthe was a forested planet with three moons and home to a reptilian species also called H'nemthe. During the season of trine, all three of the planet's moons give off their light. On average, there were twenty H'nemthe males for every female—after mating, the male was gutted with the female's razor-sharp tongue. Virgin females were not often allowed to leave the planet, and were permitted to eat only fruits and vegetables. Plant life on H'nemthe included the carnivorous M'iiyoom, a white flower which bloomed during the season of trine.

The planet remained unaligned through much of its history. Eventually, the Galactic Alliance made diplomatic overtures to its government only shortly before the Second Corellian Insurrection.

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