"May his eyes always be bright and cognant!"
―H-3POB, introducing his master, Vago the Hutt[src]

H-3POB was a green protocol droid who served aboard the Imru Ootmian and belonged to a group of other droids owned by Popara the Hutt. After he rescued Mika the Hutt from Endregaad, Vago, Popara's chief aide, returned to Nar Shaddaa with H-3POB. H-3POB was assigned to the delegation when Vago was supposed to meet the agents who rescued Mika later on. Mika himself requested that he meet the agents. This was a plot by Mika to "survive" an assassination attempt. Mika had paid Ogo Nan to kill him, but had ordered the Cerean to ensure no person was injured. Ogo Nan was instead ordered to blast H-3POB, a mission that he carried out. H-3POB was almost destroyed by Ogo Nan's blaster, and his parts were used to later repair him.