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H2-1B4 was a domodroid belonging to Scarlet Bloodhawk.


The property of Scarlet Bloodhawk for a long time, H2-1B4 was familiar with its mistress's friendship[1] with a Rebel[2] who had asked for Bloodhawk's help several times. Circa 0 ABY, Bloodhawk owned a spaceport with repair facilities, and employed a Ky'lessan by the name of Snake-Eyes. Snake-Eyes kidnapped Bloodhawk and kept her in her rooms, taking the command of the port. Snake-Eyes kept H2-1B4 around and pretended that Bloodhawk was on a leave.[1]

Bloodhawk's friend returned at that point, needing repairs on a ship. Snake-Eyes informed the Empire about their presence, and also sabotaged their ship so they could not leave easily while pretending to repair it. H2-1B4 noticed the old friend's presence and risked being discovered to tell them about Snake-Eyes's treachery and Bloodhawk's predicament, asking them to rescue its mistress. H2-1B4 also offered its help in the rescue should it be necessary, and Bloodhawk was subsequently rescued. During the escape from the spaceport, H2-1B4 helped Bloodhawk to repair her friend's ship so they could lift-off.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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