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"Objective must not be damaged—and HK-24 intends to damage you!"
―HK-24 threatening Jarael[src]

The HK-24 series assassin droid was a model of HK-series assassin droid, manufactured by Czerka Corporation and based on the schematics of HK-01. Even with their red armor plating and glowing orange eyes, the HK-24 appeared, to the untrained eye, to be nothing more than a slightly sinister-looking servant droid.


"An experiment gone wrong... just autonomous enough to resent the blazes out of the existence of other units just like them."
―Anonymous Czerka employee[src]
HK-24 assassin droid

An HK-24 assassinating a target

Czerka Corporation hoped to sell the HK-24 droids in large quantities to the Galactic Republic and planetary governments during the early period of the Mandalorian Wars. However, since most beings in the galaxy had no use for an assassin droid, Czerka never found success with the HK-24, and soon their factories were shut down and abandoned.[1]

Arkoh Adasca, the head of Adascorp, purchased the entire production run of HK-24 droids in order to capture and return his former employee Gorman Vandrayk, also known as Camper, to Adascorp. During a stopover on Ralltiir, an HK-24 unit secretly boarded The Last Resort, hid inside a crate, and incapacitated Camper. While attempting to subdue Jarael, he was attacked by the vessel's bulk-lifter droid, T1-LB. HK-24 shot the droid several times but was then attacked by Jarael. As he was about to finish her off, however, he was shot in turn, taking several blasts in the back from Rohlan Dyre's blaster, which, unknown to the crew of the Last Resort, was in possession of Demagol.

When Camper was finally captured by Arkoh Adasca, the remaining HK-24 droids were assigned to provide security on the Adaska's flagship, the Arkanian Legacy. Three HK-24 units surrounded Camper as he was threatened to finish the project on which he started. Some time later another pair of droids were guarding the Jedi Zayne Carrick and Lucien Draay, but both were destroyed when Jedi made their escape. The rest of Adasca's droids were destroyed during the following Battle of Omonoth.

Revan later used the schematics of the HK-24 series to build his unique droid, HK-47.[1]



A damaged HK-24


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