An HK-47 jetpack was a jetpack produced by reconfiguring HK-47's body into jetpack form.


The HK-47 personal jetpack consisted of a shell colored in HK-47's preferred shade of rusty red, with a pair or rocket thrusters flanking a core shaped somewhat like HK-47's head. A viewscreen displaying HK-47's original droid form was placed in the center of the jetpack's body, above a grill similar to the droid's vocabulator and red lights resembling his photoreceptors.

The jetpack was worn on the back of a humanoid form and used to propel the being through the air.


At some point during or prior to 1.5 ABY, HK-47's body was reconfigured into a jetpack. This was done over his strenuous objections. During the Galactic Civil War, the jetpack came into the possession of a spacer.

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