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HK-51 series assassin droid
Production information

Czerka Corporation[1]

Place of manufacture

Nar Shaddaa

Product line

HK-series assassin droid


Protocol/Assassin droid


Fourth-degree droid

Technical specifications


1.8 meters


Masculine programming

Sensor color



Blaster rifle, integrated modular weapon mounts

Chronological and political information

Old Republic era


Sith Empire

"Manifesto: The maker created me for the sole function of deleting high-ranking organic troublemakers from the galaxy. These deletions must be conspicuous, and provide an object lesson to other organic troublemakers! All other mission parameters are secondary."
HK-51 — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

HK-51 assassin droids were advanced versions of HK-50 assassin droids.


Fatality interior

Multiple HK-51 units stored aboard the Fatality

"Schematics for HK generation 51: Blaster to accuracy ratio: increased by 21%. Durasteel impact frame resistance: increased. Conclusion: halting production. Units are in standby mode, pending further testing of behavior cores and assassination protocols."
―Log of the HK-51's development status[src]

They were designed by Czerka Corporation sometime in the late stages of the Great Galactic War, and produced on Nar Shaddaa.[1] A large number of the droids were later purchased by the reconstituted Sith Empire around a decade into the Cold War. An Imperial destroyer Fatality containing the droids had crashed on Belsavis some time later. Around 3640 BBY, renegade Sith rediscovered the freighter.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

"Revelation: We have already begun construction on a new generation of HK units. When the last of our deficiencies are accounted for and corrected, they shall be the most formidable assassination droids in the galaxy."
―An HK-50 assassination droid[src]

HK-51's appearance in The Sith Lords

In a removed part of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, HK-47 would confront G0-T0 on Malachor V, and a group of HK-51 droids would come and help him defeat G0-T0, if HK-47 had programmed them to aid him while in the HK Manufacturing Plant (HK-47 could also choose to destroy them, causing him to lose to G0-T0). The HK Manufacturing Plant was also a removed part of the game.

HK-51 droids later made an appearance in the 2011 video game Star Wars: The Old Republic, as companion characters for players of all classes. At level 50, a small quest chain in the Section X area of Belsavis leads to the discovery of the crashed Imperial battlecruiser Fatality, carrying a full compliment of damaged but salvagable HK-51s. To claim an HK-51 for themselves, the player must first team up with others to explore the abandoned Czerka Corporation cruiser Theoretika in the Unknown Regions, and obtain a set of HK schematics. Afterwards, they must collect certain HK parts from Coruscant, Dromund Kaas, Taris, Hoth and Tatooine, from the False Emperor flashpoint on normal or hard difficulty, and either the Maelstrom Prison (Republic) or the Foundry (Empire) on hard mode. The part on the capital worlds (Coruscant and Dromund Kaas) requires a character of the opposite faction (i.e. making a Republic character to obtain the part on Coruscant for an Imperial "main") of at least level 10, the level around which players normally leave their starter world. After the parts are collected, the player returns to the Fatality wreck on Belsavis, and confronts a Sith of the Dread Host called "The Lord of Agony", again with a group. After the Lord of Agony is defeated, the player may claim their HK-51.

Once the HK-51 is opened by one character, the player can open it up for their other characters using either in-game currency (Galactic Credit Standard) or Cartel Coins.



Notes and referencesEdit

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