"I've heard a few times that IG-88 is supposed to be one of the fiercest droids in the galaxy. No way. I've seen a lot of nasty droids, but HN-TR1 is a class all by himself. He would eat IG-88 for breakfast. Hell, he'd eat the whole IG series if given the chance. Why by the Core Ploovo trusts that homicidal machine with his creds is a mystery."
Lieutenant Commander Derembus Sitnalta, Alliance to Restore the Republic.[src]

HN-TR1 was an assassin droid of unknown design and mysterious background.


The manufacturer of HN-TR1 is unknown, although Rebel Alliance Task Force members believed that HN-TR1 was a prototype, maybe even designed to hunt Rebel Alliance members. Rumor suggested that it killed all of its design team as soon as it obtained awareness, and then destroyed its own schematics.[1]

For a time, HN-TR1 "worked" by hunting Rebels. HN-TR1's features included armor, a light repeating blaster and a sonic blaster in its left arm, broad-band antenna, flamethrower and long-range and movement sensors. Rebel commander Derembus Sitnalta considered him a threat greater than IG-88.[1]

Around 4 BBY, HN-TR1 was hired (not bought) by loanshark Ploovo Two-For-One. Ploovo then assigned HN-TR1 to collect money from debtors in Ploovo's Protocol Team. Fellow Protocol Team member Lotas, a cyborg, admired his droid partner.[1]

During the Glite-Ven hostilities, HN-TR1 noticed sadistic droid EV-4D9 and expressed his interest in it, an interest shared by Lotas. Following their advice, Ploovo purchased EV-4D9, who became a new member of the Protocol Team. Lotas respected EV-4D9's darkly analytical functions.[1]


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