"There was this trooper from the Executor that said there was some female Darktrooper designated HX-138. I thought he was just pulling our leg."
―A stormtrooper[src]

HX-138 was a female Human shadow stormtrooper of the Galactic Empire.

Sometime after 0 BBY she was on the planet Dathomir when the dangerous Blackwing virus escaped containment in the Imperial Research and Prison Facility, killing almost all of the facility's personnel and inmates. The virus then turned them all into undead zombies. She and the other survivors created a makeshift camp in the courtyard of the facility which later became designated as Camp Epsilon.

According to a stormtrooper, another trooper made mention of HX-138 being a Darktrooper. Whether or not this was true is not certain, but HX-138 appeared to wear parts of Imperial Spec Ops armor dyed in the color black. This armor more closely resembled the type of armor worn by Blackhole stormtroopers.

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Behind the scenesEdit

HX-138's name was likely a reference to THX 1138.