The HXZ-1 Immobilizer-series police droid was a security droid manufactured by Cybot Galactica for use by law enforcement agencies.


The HXZ-1 was a roughly Human-sized fourth degree droid that resembled a mixture of FX-series medical assistant droid and a sentry droid. The column-shaped droid had wheels which extended when the droid was deployed on an assignment and when its task had been completed.

They were equipped with heavy blaster pistol, ion blaster and stun baton and came with enhanced sensors, DC 10 translator, and vocabulator. It was designed for use by security and law enforcement services to apprehend criminals and quell riots while avoiding causing permanent harm to either organics or the surrounding environment. Their weapons systems were powered by a large generator necessitating its bulky form, heavy armor, and secure locked access.

HXZ-1s were rarely used in military applications due to their slow speed and limited capabilities. However, in addition to their security force application, they were used regularly for private home defense. Civilians preferred these droids due to their creating very little mess in performing their duties, only using their heavy blaster as a last resort, thus preserving the art, furniture and structural integrity of the location they were protecting.