"Haari Ikreme Beeerd, at your service. Any enemy of Grunta is a friend to us all."
―Haari Ikreme Beeerd to Han Solo.[src]

Haari Ikreme Beeerd was a Phlog crewman who belonged to Gilag Pitaaani's Podracing team, which was sponsored by the Muun Chenik Kruun. Beeerd was present on Muunilinst in 0 ABY and initially befriended Han Solo and Chewbacca upon learning that Solo killed Grunta, a Dug podracer whom Beeerd disliked. But when Beeered revealed that he placed a bet that Luke Skywalker would not survive the first ten kilometers of the podrace, Solo punched him in the face which started a brawl with the other podracing crewmen.


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