The Habeen were one of two sentient species that were native to the Mylok system. Along with the other species that shared their star system, the Nharwaak, the Habeen jointly designed and produced a new form of hyperdrive technology.

Approximately 3 ABY, the Habeen and Nharwaak entered into a civil war over control of this technology. Soon after the conflict erupted, the Imperial Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin was dispatched to the Mylok system in order to end the war and gain the new technology for use in his advanced new TIE Series starfighter, the TIE/ad starfighter and TIE/D Defender. The Habeen appealed to the Empire for assistance in exchange for the technology. Zaarin agreed, and along with ace pilot Maarek Stele, decisively routed the combined forces of the Nharwaak and the Rebel Alliance.



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