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Hachete was the name Darth Maul gave to a Duelist Elite droid he used to train himself in lightsaber combat.

As its name suggested, it was armed with a pair of hachetes, a double-edged fighting blade as long and as wide as a Human forearm. It had a blaster-resistant durasteel chassis, and it was programmed with an array of skills in martial arts, that it could execute at speeds slightly faster than those of Humans. It had been manufactured with an inhibitor that prevented it from killing its opponent after the droid was victorious, but this was removed by the Sith. In 32.5 BBY, Maul knocked it down and crushed its head with his boot as it fought against him with three other Duelist Elites, Chain, Cudgel, and Rapier, but it was not damaged beyond repair.

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