Hagamoor 3 was a moon of planet Antemeridias located inside the Imperial Remnant's territories by 44 ABY. In that year, it served as the home for the scientists who had created the nanovirus strand that targeted the family of bounty hunter Boba Fett. Also, the dark side entity Abeloth, who had consumed and taken on the body of Imperial Lieutenant Lydea Pagorski, traveled to the Remnant to lead the campaign of Admiral Natasi Daala against Head of State Jagged Fel in the first Imperial election. Abeloth based herself on Hagamoor 3, where she was tracked down by former Jedi Tahiri Veila at Fel's behest. Veila met with Fett, who had tracked down the scientists before being trapped by Abeloth, and the two assisted each other in their objectives—Fett's to learn more about the nanovirus and see if there was anything he could do to reverse it, and Veila's to destroy Abeloth's body in the form of Pagorski.

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