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"Emergency! This is the Singing Savrip! I’ve been attacked by an Imperial customs ship, and my stabilizers are out! I can’t make the rendezvous! I don’t even know if I can land this thing! I think I’m near Anchorhead, but I’m in the middle of a sandstorm and I can’t see a—"
―Hagk Baht, shortly before crashing into the Tatooine landscape.[src]

Hagk Baht was a Duros smuggler who owned and operated the Singing Savrip during the height of the Galactic Civil War.


Baht attempted to smuggle blasters to agents of the Rebel agents on Tatooine aboard his ship, Singing Savrip. In the process, he narrowly avoided an Imperial customs blockade. An incredibly violent sandstorm at the rendezvous point, however, caused Baht to crash outside of Anchorhead. He was killed in the crash, but the fifty blaster rifles he was transporting remained intact.


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