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Morrigan Corde, after dying her hair to resume her role as Moff Nyna Calixte

"So…what's this?"
"Hair dye.
―Ben Skywalker and Lon Shevu[src]

In the galaxy, hair dye was used to change the color of a humanoid's hair. It was usually a liquid contained in a bottle, with an instructional label affixed.

Darth Zannah also used hair dye to change her blond hair black when infiltrating the Jedi Temple.[1]

During the Clone Wars, many individualistic clone troopers dyed their naturally black hair a different color. Null ARC trooper Mereel often disguised himself using various materials including hair dye, although his brother, Ordo, believed that certain colors did not suit him. Captain Rex dyed his hair blond and later blue. Commander Gree and several other clones dyed their hair red.

Corran Horn dyed his hair once when he went under disguise as Keiran Halcyon although it took two attempts as he accidentally dyed it green on the first try.[2]

Jedi Knight Ben Skywalker once used hair dye, given to him by Captain Lon Shevu, with the intentions of making Skywalker less recognizable during his mission to the planet Vulpter. Ben worked the solution into a lather in his hair, and after washing it out, had brown locks instead of his natural red.[3]

Lando Calrissian was known to keep his hair dyed a rich and lustrous black.[4]

Moff Nyna Calixte frequently used hair dye to change her locks from black to blond, and back to black, while switching between her roles as both Calixte and that of Morrigan Corde.[5]



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