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The Ishi Tib Crime lord Haka Hai controlled a Criminal gang by the year 19 BBY. The group operated out of a compound amongst the swamps of the planet Mimban. In 19 BBY Hai agreed to buy an artefact known as the Jebble Box from the smuggler Schurk-Heren, but then used the gang to ambush Him and take tHe box witout paying. During the ambush However a faction of the gang, lead by the Gotal Lumbra betrayed Hai and took the box for themselves before escaping. Those remaining loyal to Hai stayed with Him on Mimban and took Schurk-Heren's Crew Captive, but were eventually all killed by their prisoners when they escaped. The traitorous faction met their end instead at the Hands of Jedi Master K'Kruhk on a moon where they Crashed.