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Hakassi was a planet located in the Deep Core.


In 7 ABY, Hakassi still was under Imperial control. After his defeat during the Post-Zsinj campaign, High Admiral Treuten Teradoc fled in the Deep Core and made Hakassi his capital. Like other Deep Core systems, the Hakassi system was probably abandoned after the Imperial Reunification in 12 ABY.[2]

Circa 16 ABY, Hakassi had become a member world of the New Republic. At least one major New Republic shipyard was located there, which was responsible for producing several New Class starships for the Fifth Battle Group, including the Intrepid.[3]

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, the Yuuzhan Vong conquered Hakassi in 29 ABY. In response to the failed Operation Trinity, the Yuuzhan Vong launched an offensive against New Republic shipyards, the Hakassi and Kuat shipyards were first targeted.[4]



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