Haken was a male Human Republic officer who was second in command of the Esseles during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the resurgent Sith Empire.


Haken was a human male who served on the Republic cruiser Esseles during the Cold War. Eventually, he had become the First Officer of the ship—the second in command.

In 3643 BBY, the Esseles was en route to Coruscant when Grand Moff Rycus Kilran of the Sith Empire attacked the ship in an effort to capture the Twi'lek ambassador Vyn Asara, who was aboard at the time. Kilran's forces boarded the Esseles as Kilran's ship bombarded the other, causing the death of Haken's superior. This left Haken in charge of the vessel just as a group of Jedi, troopers, and smugglers who were aboard arrived on the bridge. Kilran chose this moment to contact the Esseles, informing them that they were caught in a tractor beam and that his forces were searching for a Republic ambassador who had been confirmed to be aboard by Kilran's agents.

Haken sent the group to combat the invaders, but it turned out that it had been a diversion: the real threat was a squad of Mandalorians led by the veteran Ironfist, who attacked and seized the bridge. After restoring access to the bridge, the allies encountered Ironfist, who had captured Haken, Navigator Plex, Communications Officer Raste, and the rest of the command crew. Haken and the others begged the heroes to free them, and they watched as the group defeated Ironfist and his group of Mandalorians.

After the crew was freed, Asara convinced the group to take one of the Esseles' shuttles over to Kilran's ship and disable the tractor beam holding the cruiser. Haken agreed, but he attempted to convince the group to leave the ambassador on Kilran's ship to ensure the Imperials would not follow. They refused and later told Asara of Haken's treachery after they disabled the tractor beam. Asara thanked them for informing her, and confronted Haken when they arrived back on the Esseles. Thanks to the efforts of the allies, the Esseles was able to continue on its way to Coruscant, where the ambassador could continue her mission.



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