Hakon deVille was the proprietor of the Ananuru Express at the time of the Galactic Civil War. He appeared to be smooth and mundane, but could also be ruthless when it suited him. Hakon was known to enjoy verbal fencing with his guests and would always try to be an expansive host, encouraging guests to enjoy themselves. When the datatape containing the research into a secret Imperial RNA brainwashing virus were to be put up for auction on the Express, he hired a group of thugs through an intermediary to attack the train as an attempt to evaluate the passengers. He did not inform the passengers of this, however, and was apologetic to them, explaining that he had taken the thugs for interrogation though he had in fact loaded them onto a recovery skimmer. When the auction began, it was Hakon himself leading it with Luna nearby. When Secesh Trant stepped up and stole it, Hakon was more stunned than anyone.