Halbret was a female Human Jedi Knight. During the Old Republic she brought together a contingent of Jedi Knights to defeat a powerful Dark Jedi who had enslaved the Kathol species. During the ensuing battle, one of the Kathol's launch gates activated, overloaded and exploded. The explosion tore a hole in hyperspace and the Force, tainting the region with the dark side. She was protected by using a Precursor impact pod and willed herself into a trance using Jedi meditation. Unfortunately, Darkstryder activated the pod, trapping her. While Halbret was trapped ages past and the Jedi Order she once belonged to was wiped out. She was later awakened by the crew of the FarStar, and it was discovered she shared common ancestry with Jessa Dajus. During the final battle with the DarkStryder, she died saving Jessa from the DarkStryder's cohorts, and became one with the Force.

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