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Halcor Raystel was, until just before the start of the Clone Wars, the dean of the University of Alderaan. He was removed by Provost Dalus Othona after a three-month scandal in which it became known that he was a ryll user and had offered class credits to two female students in exchange for sexual favors. Raystel left Alderaan and became a hermit on Delaya.

Behind the scenesEdit

Halcor Raystel was a reference to's webmaster, Charles Taylor, by way of Halcor Raystel as an anagram of Charles Taylor. Taylor had been legally warned twice by Lucasfilm after posting scans of a storyboard for Attack of the Clones and concept art of Count Dooku's Punworcca 116-class interstellar sloop to[1][2]


Notes and referencesEdit

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