Hall of Satabs

Han Solo and Chrysalla gaze into the Hall of Satabs.

The Hall of Satabs was a nullification chamber that served as a type of burial chamber for the Satabs of Ventooine. As soon as a person stepped within the hall, they were immediately put into a state of suspended animation. The chamber was created to counteract the effect of the Satab regalia, the shadeshine, which, after contact, heightened one's senses to an extreme degree. This would grant the Satab extraordinary powers, but would eventually make the senses so sensitive to external stimuli that the person's body and mind could no longer stand it. This effect could be held off for approximately a standard year by the owner of the stone, but there was no stopping its deadly effect after that time. When a year was almost up, the current Satab would hand the stone over to his successor, chosen from the populace of Ventooine, and step into the Hall.

It was thought that eventually a cure would be found for the shadeshine's effects, and the Hall of Satabs would eventually be dismantled. However, by the height of the Galactic Civil War, the Hall of Satabs was still being used and was the permanent home of many former Satabs. During this time, the rule of the Satabs was overthrown by a local resistance led by Rov Vetter Piin. The ruling Satab at the time was prevented from entering the chamber and was incinerated by the shadeshine. The next owner of the stone, Chrysalla immediately entered the Hall of Satabs to end the shadeshine's powerful influence on Ventooine.

When Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian came to the planet around 3 ABY, the chamber was still being maintained as a historic artifact. Luke and Lando were able to trick a group of stormtroopers into entering the chamber, placing them in suspended animation and allowing the Rebels to escape.



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