"Although he doesn’t seem very friendly, Hallomar is everybody’s best friend in Port Haven."
Platt Okeefe[src]

Hallomar was a reclusive big game hunter and the de facto governor of the smuggling retreat on Port Haven.


Hallomar was a large middle-aged Human with shaggy brown hair and a beard. He dressed in animal skins procured by his own hunting. No one knows if Hallomar was the last survivor of Port Haven's original group of colonists or an outlaw who crash-landed on the beaches. He often split his time between hunting wild animals in the dangerous jungles of Port Haven and presiding over the informal smuggler's port on the beach.

While in Port Haven, he often appeared moody and dark to visiting smugglers. When not curing his hides he could often be found in a dark corner of Haven's Water with a mug of frothy ale, smoking his hand-carved pipe and watching visiting spacers. Hallomar was quick to step in and break up any fight, often using his immense strength to pry the participants apart. Quick and accurate with his knife and axe, Hallomar didn't bother to issue a "warning" to any who violated the unwritten rules of hospitality that prevailed in Port Haven, he simply corrected them. The few who were dumb enough to bring slaves to Port Haven would often find them simply released when Hallomar found out about them.

Though he never seemed friendly, Hallomar was quick to provide struggling spacers with some of his best animal skins and cured meat to get them back on their feet. Payment was never expected. His hunting activities also served to screen Port Haven and protect the unwary from many of the immense, dangerous beasts that roamed the jungles.

While not in town, Hallomar was often out hunting. He carried an ancient, oversized needle-shell rifle, which used finger-length shells he stored in his leather bandolier. Often, he would bring down huge beasts like the five-meter-tall Modrols. A large knife was used to butcher his prey and he carried a wood axe for negotiating the forest.


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