The Halsoun Monastery was the remote home of the Halsoun sect of the Dagoyan Order, located on an island on the planet Bardotta.


An ancient fortress converted into a monastery by members of the Dagoyan Order, the Halsoun Monastery was located on a rocky island off of one of the planet's southern continents. Reached by a causeway of exposed sand, the stone monastery was only accessible at low tide. Painted in a riot of primary colors, the monastery's remote nature and lack of landing platforms on the island meant that visitors were infrequent.[1]

Unlike the rest of the Order, the Halsoun monks were ascetics, who removed themselves from the world to focus on meditation in complete solitude. Rarely seeing even other monks, a meditating Halsoun monk resided within a simple cell within the monastery, kept alive by a lay staff that supplied the monks with food, water, and medicine.[1]


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