Haly Dura was a male Twi'lek mechanic who worked at Centax-2, repairing the Jedi starfighters during the final decades of the Republic Classic era.


Over the years, Haly Dura worked conscientiously for the Jedi Order and there were no complaints about him. In 44 BBY, when one of the hunters of the fleet failed during a training flight, Clee Rhara, the director of the program, addressed Haly Dura and his colleague Tarrence Chenati to have access to the hunters. However, Haly and Clee Rhara couldn't find nothing and asked the Jedi Council for assistance. Eventually, Qui-Gon Jinn came to Centax-2 and wanted to cheer up his Padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi. They received common information from Rhara about the saboteur. Haly Dura and Tarrence Chenati were later questioned again by Clee Rhara, but Tahl and Qui-Gon were able to unmask Tarrence Chenati.

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