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The Hamadryas were a near-Human species[1] with green skin and slightly ape-like faces.[3] They seemed to not possess the need to blink, and the species lacked a true carotid artery.[4]

The holoperformer Cebann Veekan was a notable member of this species.[3] Senator Haydel Goravvus of Taris was a Human/Hamadryas hybrid.[1]

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Behind the scenesEdit

The name of this species was created by Bob Vitas as part of the What's The Story? campaign on[3]

The species was named after the Hamadryas baboon;[5] in turn, the name derives from Hamadryads, tree nymphs (a subcategory of dryads) from the Greek mythology.[source?]

As revealed in his Star Wars Blog, Bob Vitas intended that the Hamadryas species to be from a planet called "Papio".[5]


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