"I lied to Flatt. I was responsible for putting him in that jail. Past demons coming back to haunt me."
Brenn Tantor to Tyr Taskeen[src]

Hamman Flatt was a Abridon Human male who served as the leader of the Abridon Nationalists on the planet during the Galactic Civil War.


When the Nationalists, with the help of Rebel Alliance forces, captured Abridon in 3 ABY, it took the Galactic Empire only three days to rush in forces and reclaim it. When General Brenn Tantor's stormtroopers captured the Abridon Government Center, Lieutenant Governor Hamman Flatt was the most senior rebel taken into custody.

Terrified, Flatt attempted to bargain for his life. Tantor, uninterested, dismissed him until Flatt blurted out vital information: five Rebel dignitaries were in the capital city, attempting to sway the Nationalists into joining the Rebel Alliance. Maintaining some loyalty to the cause, Flatt neglected to mention that one of these Rebels was Jedi hero Luke Skywalker. At that point, Tantor's superior stepped in. Grand General Malcor Brashin dispatched probe droids to confirm Flatt's report and promised that, if true, Flatt's information had bought him a swift, rather than prolonged and painful, death.

Flatt was incarcerated in a prison camp on the eastern edge of the capital. Shortly before the Battle of Endor, he was rescued by two Rebel generals during their conquest of Abridon. One, Tyr Taskeen, had commanded the Rebel forces on Abridon before being driven off in the recapture of the planet. The other struck Flatt as vaguely familiar, but denied having ever met him. Flatt happily offered the planet, as well as a valuable shipment of A-wings, to the Rebels in exchange for removing Imperial forces from Abridon's embattled industrial center, Sayan. Flatt's conditions were swiftly satisfied by Taskeen and his newly defected subordinate, General Brenn Tantor.

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Hamman Flatt was voiced by Ethan Phillips.


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