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"The Geonosian hives leaned heavily into crystalline research of their own, importing magmatic crystals by the ton. They even outsourced one off shoot—code name Hammertong—to a facility on the crystal planet of Mygeeto."
―Colonel Haxen Delto, to General Davits Draven in a report of past Geonosian research of an ultimate weapon[src]

Hammertong was the codename of a magmatic crystal that was researched by the Geonosians and outsourced to a facility on Mygeeto. Hammertong was mentioned as part of a report from Colonel Haxen Delto of Alliance Intelligence to General Davits Draven about the Geonosians and an Ultimate Weapon, as uncovered from second-hand sources by the Rebel Alliance years earlier, and the rising rumors about a project that the Galactic Empire may be operating.[1]


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