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Han's pirate ship was an unnamed TDF104 formerly owned by Captain Oxus, a pirate and spice smuggler. After running up a huge debt with Oxus following a botched spice run, Han stole the ship to give Luke Skywalker, Artoo and Threepio a ride to Ogana Major. His friends, Montross Holdaack and Chewbacca, helped him fake a reactor overload, causing the crew loyal to Oxus to evacuate when it was docked at Docking Port 23 in Mos Eisley.

The ship was modified with secret compartments. The extent of other changes from the base model was unknown, though it was a custom construction.

When a Sith Knight examined the ship, captured at Alderaan, he referred to it as "drift junk". Holdaack also expressed a belief that going into hyper-skip might cause it to fall apart.

When Han had a change of heart and entered the Battle of Yavin, the pirate ship was critically damaged after Darth Vader's starfighter executed a kamikaze run on it. The crew evacuated in a life pod and the ship was destroyed with the Death Star.

Behind the scenesEdit

The ship was called the "Pirate ship" in the draft scripts and during visual development of Episode IV, acquiring the name Millennium Falcon later.

The ship was the conceptual forerunner of the Tantive IV, as Han's ship was changed to the now familiar disc design after the ship was found to be too similar to a ship featured on Space: 1999.