Hand cannon firing

Nym used his hand cannon against Sol Sixxa on the Sunrunner.

"Jinkins, if you hit another nerve ending, I'm gonna take that fusion cutter to your skull!
―The sounds made by the hand cannon's construction, and Nym's frustration with Jinkins' craftsmanship[src]

In 24 BBY, the Bith engineer Jinkins cobbled together a powerful, albeit short-lived, hand cannon for his captain, Nym. Jinkins then installed the cannon in place of Nym's destroyed prosthetic arm, which had been eaten by a relix. This allowed Nym, who chose the weapon over a giant hook being affixed to his arm, to fire the cannon at will. Made from an assortment of spare parts and weapons found on the sea cutter Sunrunner, it fired bursts of explosive ammunition. Kole, Nym's first mate, referred to it as Nym's and Jinkin's "science project." The weapon proved effective against Sol Sixxa's Mere pirates until Sixxa severed it with his sword, causing Nym much physical pain. It was later replaced by a more conventional metal hand.