"And I would've got away with it if it wasn't for you meddling Jedi."
―Handon Guld[src]

Handon Guld was a Human male who lived on Dantooine with his wife during the Jedi Civil War. He would often go running on the Dantooine plains, as he didn't like using speeders. However, he was known to rent a speeder between Calder Nettic and himself. In retaliation for his wife cheating on him with Nettic, Guld murdered Nettic on the plains of Dantooine.


The earliest recorded history regarding Handon Guld is that he once rented a speeder with Calder Nettic. In spite of this, Guld felt Nettic was an unethical and unpopular man on Dantooine.

In 3956 BBY, Guld discovered that his wife was cheating on him with Nettic. Enraged, he planned to kill Nettic. On one particular day, he found Nettic on the Dantooine plains and killed him with a single shot to the man's torso. Shortly after, Guld was accidentally shot in the hip by Rickard Lusoff, who was also trying to murder Calder for cheating him in a business deal at Garang Spacesport. The attack caused Guld to drop his blaster and he activated his emergency beacon to request help from the nearby Jedi Enclave, hoping that the scene would appear as if Rickard was the murderer. The Jedi Bolook was dispatched to the scene a few hours later and began investigating, though he appeared to be stumped.

As fate, or the Force, would have it, an amnesiac Revan, a former Jedi Knight turned Dark Lord of the Sith until he lost his memories, arrived during his re-training as a Jedi Padawan. With Bolook's guidance, Revan began investigating the case himself, questioning both Guld and Lusoff, as well as gaining information from an information retrieval droid Bolook had brought along. Guld initially told Revan he had been out running that day, a hobby he did very often as he couldn't stand using speeders. He also said that he hardly knew Nettic, though Revan soon discovered the pair rented a speeder together.

Further investigation revealed to Revan the affair between Guld's wife and Nettic. When questioning Guld about this affair as a motive for murder, Guld repeatedly denied any involvement and claimed he had been out running to clear his head for the divorce proceedings. Later, Revan asked Guld about the blaster found near Nettic's body, which Guld promptly claimed had been stolen from his house a week before. Revan finished his investigation by concluding that Guld lied about his blaster being stolen, and both he and Bolook discovered Guld's hip wound from Lusoff's blaster shot. Revan and Bolook agreed that Guld was indeed the murderer of Calder Nettic and he was immediately placed under arrest. However, Lusoff was also arrested for attempted murder on Nettic, as well as aggravated assault and attempted murder on Guld.

Behind the scenesEdit

Handon's line of "And I would've got away with it if it wasn't for you meddling Jedi" is a reference to Scooby-Doo. When the villain was captured on the show, he or she would often say, "And I would've gotten away with it if it wasn't for you meddling kids!" This was likely an in-joke, as Handon appears to be voiced by Frank Welker, one of the show's original voice actors.[source?]



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