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The Hapan Royal Communications Authority was an organization within the Hapes Consortium.

Circa 12 ABY, the Imperial Remnant invaded the planet Dathomir and used a communications center on the world to prevent the occupation from being detected by off-worlders. A group of Jedi agents attacked the center and used it to send a message to Teneniel Djo, the Hapan Queen Mother, requesting Hapan assistance, which was received by the Hapan Royal Communications Authority.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Hapan Royal Communications Authority was created by J.D. Wiker and featured in Nightsaber, a Wizards of the Coast role-playing supplement that was released on in 2003. In the scenario, the players role-play as the Jedi agents that attack the Dathomir communications center and it is possible for them to contact the Communications Authority.


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