"The Best Happabore is a Happy-Bore!"
―Ad slogan[src]

Happy-Bore Medicated Dewormer was a brand of dewormer distributed by Galacti-Stok, a subsidiary of TaggeCo.


It was a slurry formulation for happabores that removed and controlled various parasites such as bladderworm, crop microserps, multilegged throat croakers, intestinal fangworm colonies, lesser and greater nasal nesting spit-crawlers, and cranial nodule worms. It was not recommended for use against flesh-eating daggerworms, brain crawlers, or Maxilan's explosive bloatworm.[1]

Its active ingredient was 1.87% trestibinexocycline 5-Gamma. Other ingredients were forage products, thlank oil, and greel-root acid (as a preservative). It needed to be stored at ambient temperatures within the manufacturer's parameters.[1]


It could be spread across daily feed rations with a long-handled spatula or related tool. The formulation needed to be mixed with feed before consumption. It needed five standard minutes or until vapor was seen rising from the mixture before it could be mixed into the feed. The feed-slurry mixture would need continued stirring until it bubbled. The recommended dose for a happabore was every nine standard timeparts, taking into account mean weight of happabores, local parasitic activity and observed results. Monitoring of the consumption of the product was suggested to ensure proper balance of ingestion.[1]


The slurry could be hazardous to some species with sensitive olfactory glands. The vapor produced from the slurry could be maldorous and mildly corrosive to mucous membranes. These individuals would need to contact a veterinarian or physician before handling the slurry.[1]

In rare cases, sickness could occur in breeding males experiencing musth after dosing, but was considered a normal reaction.[1]

If any happabore bodily fluid came in contact with skin, it was to be flushed immediately with an alkaline solution. Professional attention was needed to avoid permanent staining of dermal layers and retention of odor.[1]


Rey encountered an advertisement for the dewormer while surviving on Jakku and noted it in her journal.[1]

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Happy-Bore Medicated Dewormer was first introduced in Rey's Survival Guide, a character journal written by Jason Fry and published in 2015.


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