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"You can find him with his girlfriend. She has a place on the upper east side of Happyland."

Happyland was an area of the Coruscant underworld. Though it had highrise towers in some areas, it was still consider part of the Coruscant underworld.


During the Clone Wars, a thief named Ione Marcy maintained an apartment in Happyland's upper east side. Marcy murdered her boyfriend, Nack Movers, in the apartment with the aide of her partner in crime, Cassie Cryar. They were discovered by Jedi Master Tera Sinube and Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano who notified the Coruscant Security Force which responded to the apartment to investigate. There they discovered Nack Movers' body and Ione, who was apparently mourning him. She asked Sinube if the men who supposedly killed Nack had left. Sinube's response was yes, but Ahsoka still went to search the bedroom. their she discovered Ione's partner-in-crime; Cassie Cryar, who had Ahsoka's lightsaber. She soon after escaped out the window, and Ahsoka followed her. Meanwhile Sinube worked out that Ione was in league with Cassie.

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