Mister Haque was an assassin residing in the Cularin system during the Clone Wars and partner of Mister Zlash. Haque found the liberation of Cularin from the Thaereian military's control a bad thing, as he figured that the Jedi at the Almas Academy would be forced back to Coruscant to lead clone troopers in battle. While he hated the Thaereians, fighting them was dwindling the resources of the Cularin Militia. Haque and Zlash targeted Governor Barnab Chistor when he attempted to undermine the Thaereians. Funded by an unidentified Senator, Mister Haque attempted to execute Chistor; however Mister Zlash claimed that their patron Senator had been executed for treason. No longer being funded, Haque released Chistor and apologized for being inhospitable to him, and taking him out to dinner.