Harbid was a male Human who served as a captain in the Imperial Navy during the resurgence of the Galactic Empire led by Grand Admiral Thrawn. Harbid commanded the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Death's Head approximately five years after the Battle of Endor.


As commanding officer of the Death's Head, Captain Harbid was part of Grand Admiral Thrawn's personal armada, and was believed to have been one of the first of Thrawn's commanders to be alerted of any operations or plans concerning the Chimaera or the starfleet, making it quite possible that he was a captain of some seniority. He participated in an unsuccessful operation to capture Han Solo in the Palanhi system, as well as in a more successful assault on a New Republic base at Ord Pardron, as part of Thrawn's plan to capture the Ukio system. Harbid also accepted the surrender of Xa Fel after a lengthy battle in which he managed the deployment of Thrawn's ground forces.[1]

Like most members of Thrawn's armada, his last known participation in combat operations was at the Battle of Bilbringi.



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