Craw's droid

Craw's protocol droid was deactivated after translating a joke about three Hardex.

"Your Brilliancy will recall that [the protocol droid] was, ah, reassigned when his translation of your joke about the three Hardex and the bantha failed to amuse the Hardexian ambassador."
Steggus, to Craw[src]

The Hardex were a sentient species[1] native to the planet Hardex in the Jubilar sector of the Outer Rim Territories.[2] Prior to 5.5 BBY, the Hardex sent an ambassador to the Targonnian leader Craw. Craw told a joke involving three Hardex and a bantha which was poorly received by the Hardexian ambassador. Consequently, Craw had the protocol droid who translated his joke deactivated and turned into a water fountain.[1]

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The Hardex were created by Jan Strnad and received a mention in his comic book Star Wars Droids: Season of Revolt 2, published by Dark Horse Comics in 1995. Their homeworld was later included and placed in The Essential Atlas.


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