"Once, I thought myself a monster. I played in rivers of blood and laughed as innocents quaked. Yet when I touched the Dread Masters, I saw that my darkness was but a shadow of true depravity."

Hargrev was a male Human Sith Lord of the resurgent Sith Empire during the Galactic War.


The former apprentice of Darth Silthar,[2] Hargrev was considered by some higher Lords to be something of a sadistic lunatic, obsessed with pain, fear and power. He was not taken seriously as a result, and considered unlikely to achieve the rank of Darth.[3]

Despite this, Hargrev was dispatched by Darth Rictus of the Dark Council to lead an expedition to the volcanic moon of Oricon, where the feared Dread Masters had made their lair following the death of Dread Master Styrak on Darvannis. After contact was lost with the expedition, Darth Marr dispatched the heroes of the Empire, involved in the release of the Dread Masters from their imprisonment on Belsavis, to make contact with him.[2]

Shortly after seeing action on Oricon, Hargrev began to see through some of his wrongdoings. Witnessing the Dread Masters' actions, he admitted that he was not as terrible as he thought, and that the Masters had gone too far for any person, even Sith, to follow. He acknowledged that they needed to die. Hargrev underwent some change on the planet, caring more about saving the people under his command and trying his best to prevent them from becoming insane.

After the defeat of the Dread Masters', Hargrev offered the Empire's heroes if they wanted to salvage the Masters' technology or destroy it.

Behind the scenesEdit

Hargrev is a character in the 2011 Star Wars: The Old Republic video game. He appears during the Oricon missions for Imperial players.

When the Imperial player(s) complete the Oricon missions and Operations, when asked what to do with the remaining Dread Masters' technology, the player(s) can either choose to destroy it (light side dialogue) or have Imperial forces occupy the Masters' fortress (dark side dialogue).

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