Harles was the commander of the Imperial Army's Garrison Company 125a.


The Human male Harles was a commander[1] in the Imperial Army's[2] Garrison Company 125a based on the planet Gaulus. After the location of a secret base operated by the Alliance to Restore the Republic was transmitted to the Galactic Empire by an espionage droid posing as a 3PO-series protocol droid, the installation was attacked by Imperial forces. Harles was charged with ensuring that the technicians sent into the base following the assault were protected. He was excited about the capture of relatively intact T-65 X-wing starfighters, as well as standard land and airspeeders that he might be able to requisition for patrol duties. During his inspection, Harles came across a wounded female Alliance officer. He almost called for a medic, but realized that they would only heal her to interrogate and then kill her; he decided to allow her to die in peace.[1]

Continuing his inspection, Harles came across dozens of dead bodies, some only kids, and some corpses that appeared to have been mutilated after death. He grew more sickened and regretful as he moved through the base. Upon reached the main power generator, he found a single live Rebel, a girl no older than sixteen, rigging the generator to explode. Harles pulled his blaster on her, and she looked at him with hate in her eyes. Overcome by everything he'd seen, he began to shake and lowered his blaster, instructing her to finish the job. Although distrustful, she completed the task and informed him they had three minutes to clear the base.[1]

Harles commed a code black to his unit, warning them of the impending explosion and that he intended to try and stop it. Inquiring if the girl had a way out of the base, she showed him a hidden corridor. Harles was about to follow her, when he remembered the wounded officer. Ordering the girl to go ahead, he headed back to the wounded officer and carried her out of the base. The detonation of the power generator happened before Harles could fully escape the base; his uniform and hair were set alight, but his body protected the officer from the brunt of the base. Stumbling to where the girl had a repulsorcraft waiting, he and the officer—who was the girl's mother—were helped in by the teenage, who drove away from the base[1]

Harles defected to the Alliance, taking command of battered brigades and helping to form them into the core of the Alliance Special Force.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Harles respected the courage and bravery of Rebel soldiers, and had mentioned that fact out loud once. He was reprimanded for the comment, and believed that he had lost any chance of future promotion. Harles resolved to keep his opinions on the matter to himself after the incident. He also considered fighting a war against women to be a dirty affair, but admitted that they were usually smarter and tougher than some men.[1]


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