"I'm Councilor Torvix. It's time to end this - you want Black Hole facilities destroyed, and you know I can hold out forever. So we negotiate."
―Harmon Torvix[src]

Harmon Torvix was a male Chagrian member of the Corellian Council during the Galactic War and secretly the leader of the Coronas gang. He aligned himself with the Sith Empire in the Battle of Corellia, also engaging his gang in the battle. After the defeat of the Empire, Torvix and his men tried to take control of the Black Hole, a hypermatter refinery in the Labor Valley, fighting the Republic and the Empire in the Battle for the Black Hole. Eventually, Torvix contacted General Adele Konya of the Empire and proposed a deal: a tenth of the hypermatter storage in in exchange for vast shipment of armaments. The Empire, having no interest in the proposal, instead tracked the position of the call to the HyperMatter Refinery Facility and send a team to reroute piping, flooding Torvix's command bunker with hypermatter.