The Harpago was an Immobilizer 418 cruiser in the use of Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin during his betrayal and attempted capture of Emperor Palpatine. Darth Vader realized that Palpatine was in danger after questioning Maarek Stele following the aftermath of thwarting Zaarin's attempts to destroy the Garrett, which left it in a damaged state so it couldn't make it back to Coruscant in time. Darth Vader decided to pilot a TIE Defender along with veteran pilot Maarek Stele as the wing leader. The Harpago, along with multiple Assault Gunboats, which were used as escort, attempted to stall the rescue forces led by Darth Vader from reaching the Emperor. However, they managed to destroy the escort fighters and then the ship itself. Harpago's destruction allowed Darth Vader to reach the Emperor in time before he was delivered to Zaarin.