Harridan was a Victory-class Star Destroyer of the Imperial Starfleet during the Galactic Civil War.


In 4 ABY, Harridan was serving with Black Sword Command, as the guardship assigned to the N'zoth system, protecting Black-15 and keeping the native Yevetha in line. About seven months after the Battle of Endor, Harridan was called away from N'zoth to fight a rear guard action at Notak.

Three weeks later, the Yevetha, led by Nil Spaar, seized the Imperial vessels and shipyards at N'zoth, slaughtering or enslaving the local garrison and the civilian population.

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An Imperial ship called Harramin is mentioned in Tyrant's Test as one of those acquired by the Yevetha, and this has been taken by some to be a mistake for Harridan, with the further implication that she returned to N'zoth and was captured by the Yevetha. However, there seems to be no canon evidence for this.



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