"This is Harson Nild, director, SIS Core Worlds Operations. I can save your life."
―Harson Nild to Cipher Nine[src]

Harson Nild was a male Human who served as the Director of Core World Operations in the Republic Strategic Information Service during the Cold War with the Sith Empire.[1] He made a note on the SIS dossier on Doctor Eckard Lokin, remarking on rumors of the doctor's activity as Fixer Fifteen[2] while Nild was a junior agent,[1] and sent a message[3] to the individual who helped the Arcona agent Ebenga recover the Imperial spy Alma's recording device on Ord Mantell.[4]

In 3641 BBY,[5] Nild oversaw a SIS attempt to capture the Imperial Intelligence agent Cipher Nine during the Battle of Corellia. When an SIS strike team partnered with the remnants of an Imperial terrorist group failed to capture or kill the agent, Nild reached out to the Cipher via hologram. He explained that he had ordered all SIS agents to withdraw and offer Nine a chance to surrender. He assured Nine that the Republic doesn't torture its prisoners and promised that Nine will eventually be returned to Imperial space. The Cipher Agent refused and staged a series of explosions in the Military History Museum to make it seem like the Cipher was dead.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Harson Nild is a character in the Star Wars: The Old Republic, who appears in the Imperial Agent's storyline. When Nild reaches out to the agent, the player can choose to either acknowledge or ignore him.

If Ardun Kothe is spared on Quesh, Nild will not appear during the Agent's class quest on Corellia.


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