Hart Daele was a male Jedi Knight who served the Jedi Order.


Hart Daele was a Jedi serving the Jedi Order, and also a theoretical mathematician.[1] He was capable of using the largely unknown Force power instinctive astrogation control, authoring a doctoral thesis on the subject, proving that Jedi meditation techniques were capable of solving (or, in special circumstances, approximating) the high-order equations necessary for astrogation.[2]

Daele played Divoran Holochess with Jedi Master Haaran Balmor over the course of forty years via the use of Projective Telepathy. At one point, Daele was stationed in Samarine Province, playing against Balmor who was living seven kiloparsecs away on the planet Damualer Triac. Balmor's memories of Daele and the holochess game where recorded in the book Heroes Of The Republic by Madelein Aurin.[1]



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